An Infectious Disease Compendium. A Persiflagers Guide.
Your uber hyperlinked electronic guide to Infectious Diseases.
Version 12.7. Released 07/08/12
Multiple  versions:
iOs PACID Pro.  Has life time (mine, not yours) content updates, search, note taking ability. $5.99. On iTunes.
Mac and Windows (Adobe Air and pdf) versions. At Kagi. $2.99.
You get Windows and Mac  ID Compendium versions (AIR), along with the Puswhisperer, in one zip file for ($5) through Kagi. Two books, 4 formats, for the price of one.
Warning: look for the download link in small type on the confirmation page after placing the order.

Android version available as of 5/9/12.  $1.29 for now. 


Free: complete version online.
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